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Acer W4-820 tablet review | Black Hole Tec

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Acer W4-820 tablet review

Submitted by Robbie Pyckhout on Sat, 05/10/2014 - 14:10


Acer gave us the opportunity to review our first windows tablet. They sent us one of their W4-line carrying this slogan: "Never bored with a bright view". The W4-820 should offer lots of performance in a smaller package according to the specifications mentioned on the site. It's a tablet with an 8" screen and is easy to drag around with you. With a price of around 300 euro, we're tempted to see what this tablet has to offer.


Featuring the new intel Z3740 quad core, the tablet is able to give you the speed you need. With the SSD inside the tablet, you won't have difficulties with start up times from programs neither. Other features from the tablet are the 5 MP camera, 4960mAh battery and 8 inch screen which will make travelling around with the tablet a lot easier. The tablet also features 32GB of internal storage and you can extend this with a MicroSD card if needed. You can use the micro USB port to charge the device and to share content with your PC. Acer also provides a free copy of microsoft office on the tablet, which is awesome.



Screen 8" Active Matrix TFT Colour LCD
Resolution 1280x800

135 x 219 x 10,8 mm

Weight 415 grams
Storage 32/64 GB
Processor Intel Dual-Core Z3740 @ 1.33GHz
OS Windows 8.1
Camera 5 megapixels
Battery 4,960 mAh
MicroSD slot Yes
Color grey/black


Design and Screen

Acer is known of using a pretty bulcky design on their devices. The previous tablet we reviewed (the A1 830) was the opposite and had some similarities with an Ipad. However, the tablet we're reviewing today seems to be rather bulcky and is pretty thick compared to other tablets we've seen so far. The front of the tablet looks pretty good in our opinion, but the back isn't as beautiful and this panel also feels like cheap plastic. It's heavier than expected, but on the first sight, the tablet looks like it can take a hit. After taking the W4 with me to Paris and back (I can't say I didn't handle it rude sometimes), I can't detect scratches or anything else. However, the design isn't really delightful and we aren't a fan of this part of the tablet.

The screen of the tablet offers great viewing angles and normal brightness. Acer provides the W4 with a 1280x800 resolution which doesn't seem very high. But actually we found out that it offers enough sharpness and when going to your desktop, the icons get pretty small. Eight inch for the screen isn't very big, but it was comfortable enough to work with. And for sure when you think about the portability of the tablet.





Not the most important part of a tablet, but certainly something that can be an addition to the value if it shoots decent pictures. Acer provides this tablet with a standard camera of 5 MP, but without a built-in flash. We don't expect it to shoot good pictures in house, but outside it should be okay. The camera on the W4 was comparable to the A1 camera which we weren't very impressed about.
We're surprised to see decent quality photo's, and even inside most details werre kept in place. However, with the maximum size the site allows us to show the picture, you won't see that the pictures are actually not that detailed. Use the full size link to see it with your own eyes. This product isn't made to use as regular camera, maybe for little snaps, but nothing more.
One of the more important parts of a tablet is the sound. The W4 performed not so great on this one. It wasn't very loud and the quality of the sound coming out of the 2 little speakers on the bottom weren't as decent as his A1 counterpart. We don't expect a very loud sound coming from a tablet, but slightly more noise would have turned our face smiling.


For some tests, we didn't have enough results to really compare the tablet with... Anyway, here are the scores after all:

Unigine Valley (Low) Cinebench R11.5 (Multi) Wprime Crystal Disk Mark (sequential)
189 1,23 32,181 163,8 Read / 67,41 write

The most interesting score is the drive speed. Acer put an SSD inside with a very reasonable speed and helps the tablet to run very fluently. Other scores in the table are relatively weak, but how weak against other similar devices?

Where it comes to physics, the Acer W4 seems to be faster than all our tested android devices. It even beats the Xperia Z tablet in physics and graphics, while this tablet belongs to the higher end android tablets. However, windows is certainly much heavier than an android OS and much physical power is needed. The Z3740 shows to be pretty fast even though it has a very low clockspeed. Compared to other normal processors in laptops or desktops, the Z3740 is rather slow. Sadly enough, we don't have comparable tablets to test the black hole benchmark on. It lacks a little graphical power for most games. Less heavy games like league of legends or casual games can easily be played on it though.



A battery of a tablet is pretty important, no one is going to sit next to a power outlet while using the tablet... This tablet can work a long time without charging due to his huge battery, however, when you need to fully charge the tablet again, you need to wait the whole night before it has its full power back. About eight hours of browsing is quiet a bit! Overall, we have a positive impression about this part of the tablet. Let's move on to our conclusion!



Because the tablet runs windows 8.1, it's easy to convert it and work with it like a desktop. If you have a mouse, a keyboard and an usb splitter, you are ready to go! For a bigger screen, you can still use the mini-hdmi port to connect to bigger screens.



Rather equal to prices of Toshiba's, asus, ... 's offers which include almost the same hardware parts. It's just a matter of style, usability and other small factors that'll drag you over the line. The tablet doesn't offer better value or anything that's making a real hardware difference between these tablets. Anyway, the Z3740 inside the tablet was enough to power any applications we ran on the tablet very fluently. You don't have to run any extremely heavy programs on it, but it can handle most tasks pretty well. Graphical performance wasn't very great, but games like league of legend and casual gaming can be played on the laptop.

We weren't attracted by the tablet's design. However though, the screen offered great viewing angles and good brightness. Also the resolution of the tablet was enough to give a sharp view on things. The sound of the tablet was less than I expected, due to only 2 little speakers on the bottom of the tablet.

Acer provided the tablet with a free copy of microsoft offics which is great. Also the battery lasted very long.


Performance = 17/20

In price range = 9/10 , global = 8/10

Battery = 9/10

Camera = 2.5/5

Sound = 7.5/10

Design and Screen = 7.5/10

Value = 12/15


Total Score ≈ 7.9/10


We decided to give the Acer W4 820 a Bronze award.

More info about the award can be found here.


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