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Hawaii XTX GPU non existent | Black Hole Tec

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Hawaii XTX GPU non existent

Submitted by Robbie Pyckhout on Thu, 06/26/2014 - 11:02

Several rumors have been spread declaring that AMD's R9 290X is possibly not the 'full fat' Hawaii card. This revelation found on 8Pack some time ago is wrong according to our sources. Many tech websites have been writing articles ever since. But now it appears that also the first indication to start this rumor has been removed:


Still there are many Techsites advertising the existence of a new Hawaii XTX card with the invented name, 'R9 295X'. Our source wants to stop this chain of ridiculous rumors.

We spoke to sources familiar with the matter, who agreed to comment on condition of anonymity.

I don’t know why this rumor persists, but there is absolutely no such product. For a modest sum, anyone could xray the die of a 290X and determine this for themselves.

- our source said.

Our source also noted that the recent W9100 workstation GPU is a 44 CU part. If a 48 CU part did indeed exist, a recent workstation product would be an ideal candidate to launch such an ASIC, which could then trickle down into future Radeon products. A similar approach was taken by NVIDIA with their GeForce Titan product, with a chip that began its life as a Quadro part. As the W9100 does not feature a 48CU ASIC, however, it is unlikely that such an ASIC exists at all.

Even confirmations on websites like have been spread over the web. We don't know where this confirmation came from, but it's certainly not true.

There's no proof of this imaginary card and the information given to us by our source explains that the existence of this card is something fabricated by hoping souls. Unfortunately, this rumor ends here.


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