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Review: Aerocool Dead Silence VS Be quiet! Silent Wings 2 | Black Hole Tec

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Review: Aerocool Dead Silence VS Be quiet! Silent Wings 2

Submitted by Robbie Pyckhout on Mon, 03/31/2014 - 22:09


Both companies, Aerocool and Be Quiet! promise the buyer the most silent and best performing fans on the market with their silent series. Aerocool introduced their new Dead Silence fans, while Be Quiet! have their own solution with the Silent Wings 2. When you go look at their sites, you can see that they explained every single part of the fan in detail, what it does and how it does it. You'll note that both companies have intesively worked to the most silent design. Let's see which of them is the best, but first some pictures!





Be Quiet!


Specifications and features

Be quiet!


Dimensions – 140x140x25mm
Fan speed at  12v – 1000RPM
Airflow at 12v – 60.4CFM / 102.6m3/h
Air pressure at 12v – 0.81mm H20
Noise level at 12v – 15.8dB(A)


Dimensions – 120x120x25mm
Fan speed at 12v – 1500RPM
Airflow at 12v – 50.5CFM / 85.8m3/h
Air pressure at 12v – 1.63mm H20
Noise level at 12v – 15.7dB(A)

Looking to these numbers, we can say that we're expecting pretty nice numbers in our test from these fans. What does Aerocool have in their mind?


Dimensions : 140 X 140 X 25mm
Rated Voltage : 12V
Starting Voltage : >= 3.0V
Rated Current : 0.2A
Power Consumption : 2.4W
Power Connector : 3-Pin with signal cable
MTBF : 100,000 hours
Performance : 12V, 7V
Speed : 1000 RPM±10%, 700 RPM±10%
Air Flow : 64.8 CFM (109.8 m³/h), 39.8 CFM (67.5m³/h)
Air Pressure : 1.21 mm H2O, 0.74 mm H2O
Noise : 14.2 dBA, 10.8 dBA
We can see even better numbers with Aerocool's Dead Silence Fans. Now we're getting very curious what results the fans will give us.
There are still some features we'd like to mention about both fans. First we got the Silent Wings 2, that include two types of mounting kits. The first mounting kit is the soft one that should reduce the vibration sound, it's like a rubber and is very pliable. The second is the hard kit, which can be used when the fans can't be mounted with the soft kit.
The Dead Silence fans have some sort of rubber around the frame of the fan. Also the fan itself feels like rubber. On the corners it has some very pliable rubber that should absorb the sound of the fan/wind.
Both are interesting to check on the official website explaining more features, more deeply.
Let's see which pair of fans will definitly win this comparison!



To measure the cooling performance of the fans, we mounted the fans on the Silver Arrow Sb-e from Thermalright. This cooler is standing on an i7 2600K running on a clockspeed of 4.3GHz and a voltage of 1.305v.

Both fans seem to be running their maximums without an option to turn them down when the temperature isn't too high.

In this graph, we can clearly see that the fans aren't performing that bad against the louder stock fans which are definitly bigger. Even if they need to be silent, they can still perform as very decent cooling parts. However, it seems like the Thermalright's TY-141 still performs a little better and they're already 2 years old, so there's is of course room for improvement. What about the noise?

Here's where the two fans both shine bright with their super silent wings. As you can see is aerocool a little behind the Silent Wings 2 from Be Quiet!, but still performs very good comparing to the louder TY-141s from thermalright. I've to admit that I found the fans from thermalright pretty silent, but when I'm holding the Silent Wing in my hand while it's performing at maximum speed, you can't even hear it! Only when you almost stick your ear between the wings, you'll hear it wisphering. The Aerocool has a little 'bvvvvvmmm' from a little distance, but also this is almost inaudible. Both did very well on this test.

While two fans on the cooler made almost no noise, I wanted to find out what noise the fans could cause when using in total 6 units in my little budget sharkoon Scorpion 1000 case. It was a mix of 4 silent wing and 2 dead silence fans. I was expecting a wonder, but I didn't get it since it was louder than when I mounted the 4 stock fans back on the case... Well, I suppose this is something that you can't deny, even with the most silent fans, you can't build a silent rig with more than 3-4 fans in it.



Difficult to decide what fan I'd recommend above the other. When it comes down to what's the most silent fan? I'll probably recommend you the Silent Wings 2 from Be Quiet!. However, while the Aerocool Dead Silence has a little 'vvvmmm' noise and shows off to be louder, it also offers a little more performance. When it comes down to design and looks, we can say that the Silent Wings 2 definitly have a more simplistic and compacter design. While the Aerocool dead Silence offers a more crowded and plotted design. In terms of looks are both fans pretty attractive and the Aercool even has an option for led lights inside the fan (I'm not a fan from all these lights and stuff though). When it really needs to come down on one winner, we need to choose the Silent Wings as winner for looks and design. One thing we need to mention is the price, and there's where not the silent wings, but the Dead silence fans from aerocool score points! Aercool's submission is around 15-20% cheaper than its competitor's counterpart. We can clearly put it on a tie for this time, but it really depends on what you're looking for. Here's what we decided to give each fan in terms of points:


Be Quiet! Silent Wings 2



Aerocool Dead Silence DS fan


Performance = 8/10

Acoustic level = 10/10

Design = 9.5/10

Value = 8/10


Total Score  8.9/10

Performance = 8.5/10

Acoustic level = 9.5/10

Design = 9/10

Value = 8.5/10


Total Score  8.9/10


We decided to give the Be Quiet! Silent Wings 2 a gold award!



More Information about our awards can be found here


We decided to give the Aerocool Dead Silence Fan a gold award!



More Information about our awards can be found here


Thanks to Aerocool and Be Quiet! to provide us of these products.

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