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AMD A10-7870K Review | Black Hole Tec

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AMD A10-7870K Review

Submitted by Jason Singh on Wed, 08/12/2015 - 11:06
Introduction and specifications
Test system and methods and overclocking


The A10-7870K is based on the same Steamroller cores as Kaveri. The codename “Godavari” was a codename to differentiate between the A10-7870K and A10-7850K while improving and refining what is essentially the same die used in the A0-7850K. The name “Godavari” originates from the “Godavari” river in India and was named by a few Indians who were apart of the refining process. There has been an increase in the stock CPU clock speed as well as an increase in the stock iGPU speeds. Even though the A10-7870K is based on the same Steamroller cores used in the A10-7850K, the 7870K is more of a refresh than a rebadge. A rebadge is when a product has been named differently and includes no changes from the previous generation. However, a refresh is when improvements and changes have been made in attempt to refine the process, thus, resolving many of the problems faced in the initial manufacturing of the die. Due to many complaints regarding the temperatures with the previous line-up of AMD APU’s, AMD has decided to throw in a larger heatsink with the A10-7870K, enabling the fan to run at lower speeds while attaining the same cooling efficiency. This will decrease the noise levels significantly. The TDP of the A10-7870K is 95W and this unit does not have a variable TDP, unlike the A10-7850K. This is to ensure that the A10-7870K performs as it should at the given clocks.  When AMD mentions the TDP rating of 95W, what they mean by this is that the TDP is at or below 95W.

The APU’s aren’t geared towards enthusiast users, it’s made to provide optimal performance in Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA), for Esports as well as overall Media PCs. For the purpose of this review, we will be taking a look at how the APU performs in this light. In addition to this, we will be taking it a step further by showing how adding a discrete GPU can turn this APU into quite the gaming machine, handling even modern games with a fair amount of ease.

Here is a look at the die of the A10-780K


Features and Specifications



Radeon Brand

Max CPU Clock Speed


Total L2 Cache

Compute Cores

GPU Clock Speed

DDR3 Speed


Radeon R7 Series




12 (4 CPU Cores + 8 GPU Cores)

866 Mhz

2133M(2400Mhz via AMD Memory Profiles)


- 4 Turbo-Charged x86 architecture featuring “Steamroller” cores

  •  Supports the latest ISA instructions including FMA4/3, AVX, AES, XOP
  •  4MB L2 cache
  •  Max Turbo Frequencies up to 4.1 GHz

- GCN GPU Technology

  •  Featuring GCN architecture found in the latest graphics cards and game consoles
  •  512Radeon™ Cores
  •  Up to 866 MHz frequency
  •  Up to 8xAA and 16AF support
  •  DirectX®12 & Mantle Support

- Up to DDR3-2133 (2400Mhz via AMD Memory Profiles)

- UVD and VCE

  • Video Encode and Decode Hardware to offload CPU
  •  AMD Picture Perfect support with HD Post Processing technologies

- Support for latest I/O

  •  DisplayPort 1.2 support
  •  HDMI / DVI
  •  USB3.0 o SATA 6Gbps


Highlight Features

 · Core i5 performance at Core i3 pricing with the A10-7870K

 · A10-7870K provides up to double the graphics performance of Intel Core i5 4460

 · A10-7870K provides up to double the compute performance of Intel Core i5 4460

 · Now up to 1 TFLOP of Compute Performance

 · Take full advantage of accelerated apps from leading software makers such as Adobe, ArcSoft and Corel

 · Delivers a fantastic experience for Windows® 10

· Designed to play the most popular online and eSports games right out of the box on max settings with performance to spare

· Features AMD Dual Graphics technology that boosts performance for selected graphics cards

· Supports Microsoft® Xbox® One and STEAM game streaming

· AMD TrueAudio Technology to hear more real time voices and channels in a game


· Features support for DDR3-2133 and AMD Memory Profiles

· Smoother gaming when you connect an AMD FreeSyncTM technology-enabled monitor

· Leverages existing FM2+ motherboards (AMD A88X, AMD A78, A68H)

· Unlocked CPU and GPU Cores

· Supports latest PCIE Gen 3 Graphics Cards to enable performance gaming at ultra HD resolutions


About the Author

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