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AMD A10-7870K Review | Page 11 | Black Hole Tec

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AMD A10-7870K Review - Page 11

Submitted by Jason Singh on Wed, 08/12/2015 - 11:06
Introduction and specifications
Test system and methods and overclocking
Gigabyte F2A88X-UP4 FM2+
Freesync - the Asus MG 279Q
Synthetic Performance
MOBA, Esports and VSR
 iGPU Gaming Performance
R9 285 Gaming Performance
Crossfire Gaming Performance


As we come to the end of the review, we notice how the A10-7870K shines in it’s own category. Coming in at a price of 137$, the A10-7870K seems to be unrivalled at it’s price point. This is truly a bang for buck gaming chip. It does all you ask of it for just 137$. It’s manufactured keeping in mind MOBA games and use as a media PC but surpasses expectation as the iGPU of the A10-7870K is good enough for a lot of games at 720p. 1080p gaming may be pushing it to the limit when it comes to using the iGPU. However, we have seen how well it can perform alongside a discrete GPU.

The A10-7870K is a good budget gaming CPU. It’s affordable, performance oriented and works efficiently. Since it’s a quad core CPU, media conversion and video streaming won’t be too much of a difficulty. AMD seems to have done it right with this chip. The temperature of the A10-7870K, judging by the Thermal Margin in AMD Overdrive seems to be lower when compared to the A10-7850K. The A10-7870K appears to be a slightly better overclocker as well. Even though the chip runs cooler than the A10-7850K, after crossing 1.45v, temperature rise sharply. One would need a hefty cooler to push beyond 1.45v and maintain safe temperature in games.

One thing which must be noted is that using 2133Mhz Ram is mandatory as it does provide a pretty significant boost in performance. We recommend this APU to anyone looking for a budget PC build for medium to light workloads. To some extent this APU allows for expansion, in the sense that one could also use a discrete GPU to speed up gaming performance. On an overall basis, we enjoyed testing this APU as it has a lot to offer at an extremely affordable price point. We would like to thank AMD for making this review possible by helping us out with several components. Based on the overall performance, including the power consumption, overclock-ability, and price to performance ratio we have awarded the A10-7870K.


    We decided to award the AMDA10-7870K with a Gold Award!


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