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AMD A8 7650K APU Review | Black Hole Tec

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AMD A8 7650K APU Review

Submitted by Robbie Pyckhout on Fri, 04/10/2015 - 13:39
Introduction and specifications
Test system and methods and overclocking
Synthetic CPU Benchmarks
Real-World Benchmarks
iGPU Performance
dGPU Performance
Power Consumption


While Carrizo is launching in the second quarter of 2015, we're still not sure that there'll be a desktop part to replace Kaveri. Instead, AMD has launched another Kaveri chip in their A8 series. The difference in specifications with the other models already explains that we're dealing with a chip between entry and midrange. The good thing is that the A8 7650K offers an unlocked multiplier to squeeze even more performance out of the chip. In terms of CPU performance, this chip should be equal to the higher priced A10 7850K with a little and entirely safe overclock. However, when it comes to graphics performance, there's still a difference since this chip only features 6CU's compared to the full 8 CU's on the flagship APU. Getting a black edition chip for the price of none less than 98 euro is astonishing.

It's been a year since AMD first released their new Kaveri parts. Kaveri knew success because of their awesome iGPU performance. With some little tweaks on the GCN and steamroller cores, you could easily make you a fine budget rig to play some games with. Let's see how this chip competes with its equivalents.



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