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BOSE SoundSport Free wireless headphones free | Black Hole Tec

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BOSE SoundSport Free wireless headphones free

Submitted by Joly Joren on Wed, 12/19/2018 - 10:15

Throughout the years, we went from: “let’s wire everything” to do everything  wireless. The ear pods are the new hype on the market and Bose decided to go along with this trend. Bose is well known for their speakers and headphones, they deliver quality combined with a great design. Their new wireless headphones are focused on sports, which gives a huge advantage if you think about the ear pods being wireless.

If you are looking for an original useful Christmas gift, maybe these ear pods are worth considering.



If you look at the box, you immediately see that Bose is a brand that wants to deliver quality. The box is made out of hard carbon, and with a nice applicable photoprint on it. This is always a good sign when buying a product. If there is put effort in just the box, you can expect some great products. Another sign of quality is that it will only provide useful information in different languages.

When opening the box, you see that it includes the case with the ear pods, some books, a cable to charge and other sizes of ear pods in case you have small or big ears. The fact you can plug them into your ears and stay there, makes them great.

The ear pods itself look nice and solid. But once inserted I don’t think they look the best, if you look from the front. This is a minor disadvantage. It would have been better if they would not stick out to the sides. Because from the side they look amazing once plugged in.

Case & battery

If you look at the case it is made out of hard black plastic. It is easy to carry around and great protection for the ear pods. Bose is printed nicely on the top. This little box has more features then just good looking or protecting the ear pods. On the bottom you have a micro USB port to charge the box, who charges the ear pods. If the box is full charged, they say that you can charge your ear pods two times extra after one full usage. A full usage would get you five hours of an awesome music experience. From my experience it is even a bit more. So they did a great job of battery management. To indicate if you are charging or if the box is charged. There are five LED’s beneath the button to open the box. When charging the light will blink. When charged all the lights are on. If you are using the box and you want to know if there is still enough battery, then you can press the button to open the box and the amount of LED’s that will turn on, indicate how much battery there is left in the box. This is clever and very stylish.

Overall the case is great, there is only one disadvantage. It can become slippery. After a good workout session, your hands are a bit sweaty and the case has this smooth surface. So it can slip through your hands. This is of course unwanted and could be easily solved by putting a rubber strip over the whole case.

Ear pods

The main feature of this products are the ear pods. If you take them in your hand, you will notice that they feel solid. This is a must, certainly if you are going to sport with them and get them out into the wild world.

I used these ear pods for about three weeks and I went jogging, I did some workout, I rode my bike and did other sports. In this three weeks they had to withstand a lot of cruel things. I dropped them several times, I took them out in the rain, they once even flied when I fell over my own feet with the ear pods in my hand. It all survived this without problems. They still work fine, and they still look good.

They made this ear pods so it could withstand rain and sweat. They used water-repellent mesh in the openings. This makes sure that no water can intrude to the electronics and it will still work after contact with water. I have to say, that I used them in heavy rain and I had no problem whatsoever. This is of course a requirement for sport ear pods.

I never had complains, while sporting, except for one thing. When I rode my bike I had to turn up the volume, to get over the sound of the wind. This is a major problem for people who like to listen to music and love to ride a bike.

There is another handy feature on these ears: you can use them as hands-free. This makes sure that you can call with people while jogging, while cycling or doing other stuff. The only downside from the hands-free is that the quality of the sound goes down. But the microphone is great. The sound other people receive is crystal clear.

The controls on the ear pods are also solid, but therefor not really easy to press. You just have to get used to them. You can’t expect that they are big or easy press able when you expect them to be compact, water-resistant etc. . After a while you will get used to them, so this is only a minor disadvantage.

The sound they produce is from a high quality. Just what you want in an intense workout. The only thing I can say about this is just: WOW. This amazing sound is just what you expect.


If you want to connect with a mobile device, you have this great application, which makes sure that everything will do what it is supposed to do. You connect one time with your mobile device and every time you take them out of the casing, they will try to connect. This is really easy. Only when you try to connect with a laptop or something, things get difficult. You will not be able to connect every time, it will go in hands-free without wanting that. This was not that customer friendly. But Bose sees this ears in combination with a mobile device, so you can’t blame them. They are just not designed for this purpose.


Something that is connectable with a mobile device always has an application nowadays. The same for these ear pods. There is an application to make connectivity very easy. But there are more features on this application.

The best feature of this application, from my personal experience is the where are my ear pods. If you lost your ear pod and they are still in neighborhood, you can track these ear pods. When you get near them, you can track them down by letting them making noise. This features shows the distinction between good ear pods that do what they need to do and ear pods that just go for this extra functionality.

Every customer can appreciate those extra’s.



Although they are not cheap, those ear pods deliver a whole package. They are water resistant, give great sound quality, have a good application, good battery lifetime. To conclude there are some disadvantages, but you will get the most by 90% of the other ear pods. Besides those disadvantages, there are also a lot of advantages. They thought about everything and deliver great quality, just what you want and expect from BOSE. Therefor I will give these ear pods the Blackholetec golden award.


About the Author

As a student electronical engineering ICT my interest in technology is huge. As a person I’m willing to learn every day to improve myself and focus on the things I love doing. That's the force that drives me to accept new challenges. Technology is a hobby and the fact that I can write and share my opinion about all the new evolutions is a wonderful gift. I’m always open for critical feedback to improve and push myself to the top. If you want to do something really badly, you should just go out there and do it. That's what I try to do every day and I’m grateful that I can be part of this team. I hope that one day we as a team can make BlackholeTec a big name in the world of technologies.
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