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Creative BlasterX Siege M04 Review | Black Hole Tec

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Creative BlasterX Siege M04 Review

Submitted by Robbie Pyckhout on Sun, 04/30/2017 - 16:28


Most of Creative's products exist of audio solutions like headphones, speakers, soundcards, etc. With the company's new BlasterX Siege gaming mouse and BlasterX Vanguard Gaming keyboard they allow a venture to another market, namely the very crowded world of gaming peripherals. While they stay audio-orientated first, they hope to strike some interest with their first Gaming peripherals. They managed to become a very succesful brand for audio hardware and well deserved various awards on our website for their expertise in audio solutions. Craftsmanship with a bunch of value regarding price/performance has been present in creative's samples so far.  Now that they join a totally different market, we're intrigued to see how well the new products fare.


Packaging, Features & Design

The packaging gives a good idea of what's inside and how the colored leds look like in action. On the back there's a short description of the different features and buttons. Usual documentation is present and the mouse comes with a firm braided cable which looks and feels durable. That's it for the packaging and the components inside. 

Feature-wise there's no shortage at all.. the mouse has 7 fully programmable buttons; including a DPI switch and sniper button. The DPI presets can be changed in the software program as well as the related buttons for various actions. Creative's sensor of choice is the pixar PMW3360 IR LED paired with 32-bit high speed MCU with low lift-off distance capable of 12000 native DPI, a polling rate of 1000 Hz and a lift-off distance with zero buikt-in acceleration and cursor prediction to be jus there where you're supposed to be. 

With the option of switching to other DPI settings on the fly, you can adjust to the kind of gaming combat you're in; short, mid or long range combat can have suitable DPI speeds. A strategically placed sniper button allows you to precisely handle your targets without slipping past the your set subject.

Due to the high polling rate which is also programmable in the SB connect software, your mouse sends 1000 updates to the computer for every second the mouse is plugged in, thi-s will keep your computer up to date for every movement you make resulting in the fastest possible reaction and smooth slides across the screen; this without any input lag.

A fully customizable Aurora Reactive Lighting System supporting 16.8 million colors with 6 different lighting presets will light up your mood in desastrous gaming sessions. Personal flavours can be adjusted in creative's software; slow rainbow, fast switching colors, a continuously the same color, ... almost everything is possible.

It has a recognizable form-factor which is beloved by many gamers. After several years of research, the M04 has been built from ground up delivering thought to every pro and everyday gamer through surveys. A brew of improvements and ideas over the years can be found in the new gaming mice's design.

The mouse has a nice ergonomic and comfortable right-handed design which feels nice in the palm of your hand, extra finger pads crafted with a rubberized texture for additional grip and fingerprint resistance. Angular panels and subtle details in design are only fortified by the glamorous glow of the aurora reactive lightning system. The weight is just right and mostly quality materials are used in the exterior. Thought was given for the location of the buttons as they're easily accessible. We recommend using a mouse-pad at all time as the 4 spacers at the bottom of the mouse are easily scratched. One negative point we might want to mention is that the middle button on top of the mouse is fabricated in smooth plastic, but scratches really really fast; like when you carry it in your bag, you need to at least put some cloth around it. The rest of the design is quite scratch resistant.

Some pictures of the design and working LEDs:


Product Specifications

Length x Width x Height 135.6mm x 67.65mm x 43mm
Weight with cable = 110g / without cable = 143g
Product Color Black
Lifespan 50 mllion clicks
Optical Sensor

- PixArt PMW 3360

- 12.000 DPI / 12.000 FPS

- 50G Acceleration

- 250 IPS Tracking Speed

- 2 mm LOD



Creative has been working pro-gaming for a long time now. Especially their Sound BlasterX products were primarily focused on this part of the market. For some time now, they've been gathering input from several pro-gamers, working towards ultimate experience, reliability and performance. While they are mainly producing audio, they left a great impression with their first gaming peripherals. The BlasterX M04 Siege delivers a solution with one of the best sensors on the market which is also found in the Rival 700 by SteelSeries.

Flawless performance is what we found in all our tested games which were mainly played at a DPI setting of 5500. Also without any mousepad and on somewhat more rough surfaces, it performed like a charm. Even after long sessions of gaming, the mouse feels great in every game, with every button selection. Even though sometimes, we had some trouble keeping our fingertops on the mouse and not on our tabel/mousepad. The rubberized side-panels provided decent grip when we had to lift it up or do ligtning fast moves.

Excellent performance.



Very positively impressed, we've to say that Creative's first achievement in this market struck hard and succesful. They acquired my full attention with what they put on my table today. 

While combining blistering performance with durabilty and comfortability; they manage to create a form factor overly appealing which is only extended by the glamorous rainbow that shines below it.

Personally I might have found what my perfect mouse would look like, maybe a little more space for your finger tops and buttons more resistant against scratches; but apart from those tiny little imperfections, you're looking at a great performer and certainly an awesome looker with unrivaled value in the particular price category of 60-70 euro.


Well deserved gold award for the Creative SoundBlasterX M04 Siege Gaming Mouse


More Information about our awards and High resolution versions can be found here


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