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We will now have a closer look at both, the NH-D15S and the NH-C14S. Both these coolers were sent to us by Noctua in their retail boxes. The packaging is brilliantly conceived of and executed as everything is very well fitted and kept safely in their respective boxes. One thing which is always worth mentioning when it comes to Noctua is the way they include everything that one might need. When you purchase a Noctua cooler you not only get the well-polished and robust CPU cooler but aided with everything one would need with regard to the installation of the cooler. The accessories included in the boxes of both the coolers are the same, including the mounting equipment for the AMD and Intel sockets. Here are the pictures of the NH-D15S and the NH-C14S along with their accessories. The coolers are well cut and shaped to provide the best air-flow and dissipation of heat. We decided to let the pictures speak for themselves.

Noctua NH-D15S








Noctua NH-C14S








The accessories were the same for both coolers. Intel and AMD mounting hardware along with Thermal Paste, a screwdriver that works with almost all screws you can come across while setting up a computer, retention clips for an additional fan and a low noise adapter enabling the fan to run at a slower speed without having to control the fan speed through the bios or software, resulting in overall lower noise, were included. What we noticed was that even at their maximum speeds, the fans were relatively quiet.





The installation for both coolers were fairly simple. While installing the NH-D15S, we did not have the amount of difficulty we imagined one would have installing such a massive heatsink. The weight of each tower of the dual tower heatsink almost acts as a counter weight to the other allowing it to balance and easily be installed. The NH-C14S has two cut outs on the top of the heatsink through which the screwdriver can pass through reaching the screws without much effort. Setting up both these coolers was a breeze. From our experience, Noctua coolers have been the most easy to mount coolers. 


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