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Sapphire R9 390X & 390 Nitro Review | Page 7 | Black Hole Tec

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Sapphire R9 390X & 390 Nitro Review - Page 7

Submitted by Robbie Pyckhout on Tue, 06/28/2016 - 09:35



Introduction, features & showcase
Testing Methods
1080P Graphics Performance
4K Graphics Performance
Power Consumption & Overclocking


With the new Nitro series graphics cards, SAPPHIRE offers great cooling and performance in a premium looking packages. The extra factory overclock, great looks and fenomenal cooling is happely taken by the price concerned buyers. SAPPHIRE has always been AMD's trusted retail partner with fairly priced GPUs that offer the promised quality and performance. The backplate looks awesome and gives it an even more prestigious appearance.

The silence and cooling of the Tri-X design are great, it's able to keep your card cool, even on higher clockspeeds. The intelligent fan control of SAPPHIRE's nitro series ensures you get the lowest possible noise for every appropriate use. Depending on the load rate of the graphics card, the fans will be enabled and spinned faster. MSI's Twin Frozr design is still king in terms of low noise, but gets beaten by the cooling performance of this thermal design. 

Overclocking potential is okay on both cards and exceeds the clockspeed we were able to reach on our previously tested R9 290Xs. We were able to reach speeds above 1204/1655MHz with only slightly more voltage than the stock setting. This gave the card a boost between 5-10% in performance which is always nicely taken. Another nice aspect from the card that follows this subject is the great capability of the cooler allowing you to sit back and relax without breaking a sweat about the temperature.

Performance on 1080P is a little overpowered and it's probably future-proof for 1-2 years or more if you stay with that resolution. On a 4K resolution, the R9 390X is able to play a better part of the games on maximum settings, but some of them need some tuning to give it a smooth run. A safe overclock can give you over 8% of performance increase and can help you to get even more framerates out of this resolution. The R9 390 is a little less capable in 4K and will likely need you to turn the settings lower, especially in the newest and upcoming games that require an enormous amount of horespower. A crossfire setup of two R9 390s will offer more reliable performance. One of the new GPUs is another viable option.

The SAPPHIRE R9 390X Nitro offers almost comparable performance to the GTX980 which is great as it certainly is the cheaper choice at the moment (353 vs 420 Euro). Compared to other R9 390Xs on the market, this cards are no doubt one of the better performing cards that a consumer can get. Both cards offer great value and the complete package consisting of above par thermal design and a slight overclock, just like we expected SAPPHIRE to stand out as acquainted brand for graphic solutions. 

This leads us to the final Verdict:


Performance = 18.5/20

GPU performance in price range = 10/10, Global GPU performance = 8.5/10

Power Consumption = 3.5/5

Overclocking = 4/5

Design = 24/25

Acoustics = 9.5/10, Cooling = 10/10, Looks = 4.5/5

Value = 9.5/10


Total Score ≈ 9.15/10


BlackHoleTec concludes:

Both cards offer great value and the complete package consisting of above par thermal design and a slight overclock, just like we expected SAPPHIRE to stand out as acquainted brand for graphic solutions. 

We decided to give the SAPPHIRE R9 390(X) Nitro well earned Gold awards!


More Information about our awards and High resolution versions can be found here


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