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Ultimate Ears Megaboom Review | Black Hole Tec

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Ultimate Ears Megaboom Review

Submitted by Robbie Pyckhout on Wed, 04/05/2017 - 14:22


Ultimate Ears is a branch of Logitech dedicated to audio solutions like portable audio and earbuds. Several bluetooth speakers made it to the retail market and had a pretty positive response from the public. So what's the next step? Bigger and louder of course! The megaboom is twice as big and delivers a more powerful sound on a longer lasting battery while the previous features like water resistance, 360 Sound and its cilinder shaped form factor are kept.


Packaging, Design & Features

The packaging is pretty unique as it has a cilinder shaped form factor, similar to the product itself. Aside from that, the casing is also able to protect its insides pretty well against unlucky drops. Included to the package is the power adapter + cable, quick start guide, manual and warranty info.

In terms of design, it's almost exactly the same as the original, just bigger. On top of the cylinder-styled speaker, you can find the power and bluetooth button. On the side, the volume can be 

adjusted and to skip or pause a song, just use the tap controls. The power- and AUX-connection can be found at the bottom which are protected with a water-resistant valve that is tightened with a screw. This screw has a little ring so you can hang the speaker everywhere.

It has some ressemblance with some other cilinder-styled speakers like the beats pill speaker and JBL Flip 3 or other JBL cilinder styled speakers. The Megaboom has 360 Sound, that's why it allows audio to escape through almost whole the casing. While the speaker is all around water-resistant, it feels pretty strong and could probably take more than a regular hit.


The design feels pretty slick, robust and it has a showy color sheme that doesn't really bother much. In fact I like the color choices on most of them. It has a simplistic view, just look at this huge plus and minus buttons and just 2 other buttons for power and bluetooth. The interface itself is pretty easy to use, some may not find the button for bluetooth at first as it isn't quite clear that the button is actually there. To hear the level of the battery, just press the plus and min button at the same time. You can also see the battery level on your phone if you want to.

In comparison to similar products in this price range, the Megaboom is pretty big, but still easy to grip thanks to its comfortable form factor. We tested the water resistance of the speaker and it came well through our tests. Material used in the design is durable and from good quality. The rubberised corners and plasma-coated makes the Megaboom a very durable product.

If you download the UE's app for iOS, you can use all the speaker's extra features like alarm clock, Double Up, Presets remote On/Off and tap controls. Double Up is used to pair two "-Boom" speakers together and listen in stereo. Sound settings are also available in the app for which you can choose between presets our custom EQ controls. The four presets are 'The Standard', 'Cramped Spaces', 'Voices' and 'Bass Jump'. The sound signature on standard is already great, so switching to other presets might make the sound worse. Unless you're a bass lover, than you can go for the Bass Jump preset instead.

Something I personally want to add to this features part are the sound indications which are notable to say the least, not in a bad way, I tend to enjoy them from time to time as my friends look up and say, what's that? It gives you some jungle vibes turning it on and off. 


Louder & Longer Lasting

Performance-wise the speaker is at the top of its class; delivering a punchy, warm, but still subtle sound; it knows how to charm every music genre from heavy metal to classical and catchy songs. It performs best in Hip-Hop or energetic tracks which require punchy sound with a decent bass-line. We'd like to compare this speaker to the earlier reviewed JBL Xtreme as on this price-point, both speakers deliver an incredible sound. Our favor goes to the UE Megaboom as it has more balanced sound and is still a bit more compact and thus more portable than the Xtreme. We have to say that the Megaboom performs better when put in a corner, which gives a fuller and more spacious sound. The Xtreme has a more dynamic sound in the open air, but the difference is minimal.

The speaker is able to provide music for big rooms as well as large areas outdoors. Take a pool party for example, this speaker would be your best companion to bring everything to a good end. There are other speakers that performs almost as good on a lower price point, but there feature set is entirely different.

When the speaker is charging, you can't put it in its right position as you'll have to lay it flat or on its top, reducing the audio quality pretty much. But if the speaker is fully charged, you'll have the pleasure of a huge battery life after!

The battery life is remarkable as you can play non-stop for like 15-20 hours in a row, easily the best what we've seen so far.



The Ultimate Ears Megaboom is the most prominent speaker of the family, delivering impressive audio performance with a generally punchy, warm, but still subtle sound compatible with almost every kind of music. It's quite robust and certainly durable due to the water and stain resistant coating. With incredible battery life, a big but still very portable shape and a feature-rich app, this speaker can charm all outdoor music fans without breaking a sweat. The design is enjoyable, as well are the indication noises. It's not a cheap speaker, but it sure is in the right price category given its features, quality material, robustness and performance. A great performer for the right price!



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