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Be Quiet! | Black Hole Tec

Be Quiet!

Be Quiet! Dark Power Pro 11 550W Review

The Dark Power Pro line of PSUs has always been popular for its stability and high efficiency levels. Those are especially important for enthusiasts who require an ultra-stable power supply at very high loads. Until now, Be Quiet! only offered higher wattage models like 850W, 1000W and 1200W. This however, changes today with their new release of the more mainstream models of 550W, 650W and 750W.

Competition: Black Hole Mayhem

It's finally there! The Black Hole Mayhem, a competition for all enthousiasts and overclockers to go totally crazy! Before you enter your score to the server, be VERY sure you followed all the rules visible on this page. You got only 1 single chance to submit a score, don't throw this away. As mentioned in the announcement, the event will run from today, 18 August, until 27 August. The day after, we'll declare the winners of the contest and the random drawings.

Announcement: Black Hole Mayhem

To celebrate the BlackHole Tec website’s first successful year, we’re giving our users something of a competition and a giveaway, so all users have a chance.
The competition will run from 18-27 August, with the winners announced on the 28th. Winners will then be contacted for their shipping details.

Review: Aerocool Dead Silence VS Be quiet! Silent Wings 2

Both companies, Aerocool and Be Quiet! promise the buyer the most silent and best performing fans on the market with their silent series. Aerocool introduced their new Dead Silence fans, while Be Quiet! have their own solution with the Silent Wings 2. (...)

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