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Hesh 3 review

Almost everybody has once heard from the brand Skullcandy. If you are looking for a headphone the chances are really high that you will encounter a Skullcandy. With their new Bluetooth headphone they want to make a statement and show that they deliver really good quality that is useable for everybody and that they evolve there technologies in a good way. 

Skullcandy Crusher Wireless Review

Previous week, we reviewed one of Skullcandy's bluetooth speakers, characterized by their very delinearized yet balanced deep sound signature. The crusher headphones takes it even a little further with their headline "Bass you can feel".

KEF M500 Review

KEF impresses with style and great quality, but on the other side of the medal, KEF tends to get attention in a more negative way as their pricetag is offen the factor not to invest in their produc

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