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Creative iRoar Go Review

In pursuit of bigger and balder sound, a most prominent desire for a great deal of audiophiles and youth is the requirement of audio to stay portable and reliable on battery life as well. This way they're able to perceive great audio, even when they're on the go. Creative has had this picture in mind for a long time now and came up with the perfect balance between portability and major audio performance.

EtekcityⓇ Roverbeats T16 - Review

After reading about Etekcity and the products they have been making lately. We just had to contact them and get them as a sponsor. And as nice as they are, they obliged. Etekcity is now a proud sponsor of BlackHoleTec. So of course, as a sponsor. They send us in items to review, and the first item we were sent in, was the Etekcity Roverbeats T16.

The Etekcity® Roverbeats T16 is one of Etekcity’s Bluetooth speakers. The Roverbeats T16 is basically the baby brother of Etekcity’s Roverbeats T3. And a cousin of the T12, which is also a Bluetooth speaker produced by Etekcity, but this one is much bigger and comes with a crazy battery capacity. The Etekcity® Roverbeats T16 is a tiny Bluetooth speaker that fits in the palm of your hand. But boy, does it pack a punch (more about that later).

C.H.I.P. - the $9 computer

Here at BHT, we’ve always wondered: “how cheap can a computer get?”. Let me first define what we mean by a computer. First of all it has to be able to function as a workstation. Therefore it has to have the ability to open Microsoft word and Excel. Free programs, such as Open Office will do too. It also needs to be able to be connected to a display monitor using a HDMI cable, since that is today’s standard. Another thing it has to have is a socket to attach different peripherals to, ranging from mice to keyboards or even printers.
Well, a couple of nerdy people (no offence, we’re all nerds ourselves here) came together to make a cheap computer that can do all these things and more.

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