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Former AMD chief architect Jim Keller leaves Tesla to join Intel

The former AMD designer and Chief Architect of the ZEN architecture, Jim Keller, left AMD about a year ago. In the meantime, he joined Tesla to work on AI hardware as head of the department. Latest reports tell us that he left Tesla to fully focus on designing processors at another company. 

Tesla is using battery technology for smaller devices

Tesla just released their Tesla truck and the fastest car on the earth. But after all this the released a powerbank with Tesla batter technology in it. The must have for every Tesla fan.

Tesla announcing the future for trucks

During the introduction of Tesla's electric trailers, there was another interesting product that showed up on the screen. They call it the'Tesla Semi Truck'. A lot of attention has gone to those Semi trucks as Walmart already announced to preorder 15 of these. We suspect that the deal was already closed before the big unveiling of the truck.

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