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Former AMD chief architect Jim Keller leaves Tesla to join Intel

The former AMD designer and Chief Architect of the ZEN architecture, Jim Keller, left AMD about a year ago. In the meantime, he joined Tesla to work on AI hardware as head of the department. Latest reports tell us that he left Tesla to fully focus on designing processors at another company. 

AMD Ryzen Launched

After four years and thousands of hours of development, AMD released the first three models of its highly anticipated, high-performance AMD Ryzen™ desktop processor. Strong demand for these new desktop CPUs drove record pre-orders from more than 180 global retailers and boutique OEMs throughout the week prior to launch.

AMD - Road To ZEN First Information

AMD lay low on the high-performance CPU market for a full 2 years now. In these two years, they've been working on a entirely new CPU architecture from the ground up. The new high-performance x86 core design supports a Simultaneous Multithreading architecture or SMT for high throughput...

AMD Showcases New High-Performance Solutions at COMPUTEX TAIPEI 2016


First Look at Wraith, AMD's stock cooler for its upcoming Zen Architecture

At CES 2016, AMD featured Wraith, their stock solution for the company's upcoming Zen CPUs and APUs. The Fan Blades are 80mm and are LED illuminated.

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